Cultural inclusion

As of 2022, the Museum of Music Automatons holds the “Kultur inklusiv” label, awarded by the Pro Infirmis expert unit Kultur inklusiv to cultural institutions from all sectors.
As a label partner, the Museum of Music Automatons promotes inclusion in the following five fields: “cultural offering”, “access to content”, “architectural access”, “employment opportunities” and “communication” and is fully committed to the cultural involvement of people with disabilities over the long term.

The Charter on Cultural Inclusion forms the basis of the partnership.  


You can find practical information here about accessibility in the Museum of Music Automatons.


Address and arrival

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are allowed throughout the museum area and in the exhibitions.

Exhibition rooms

All the exhibition rooms in the Museum of Music Automatons have barrier-free access.

Visitor services

Museum for Music Automatons
Dr. h.c. H. Weiss-Stauffacher collection
Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tel. +41 58 466 78 80

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Floor type

The museum floor comprises stone slabs and wood flooring. One exhibition room is carpeted. There are no obstacles between the rooms.


The museum is about 30 metres from “Seewen – Musikautomaten” bus stop and does not involve any road crossings. There are no obstacles or narrow places on the way, which is lit.
There are two sliding glass doors at the entrance, one behind the other. They are framed in grey with a brown background and contrast stripes.


IV/AHV discount, free admission for carers accompanying persons with a severe disability. The admission prices are displayed here.

First aid

There is a first aid box at the ticket office in the entrance area. If you need first aid, please contact the visitor services or the assistants in the exhibition rooms. There is also a first-aid room.

Tours for people with visual impairment/blind people

We provide tours for the blind or visually impaired on request. The tonal experience, listening to the automatons’ melodies, is the tour highlight. Information about the exhibited items is provided plus details on their production and application. Tactile experiences round off the tour.

Tours for persons with a cognitive impairment

We also provide tours on request for persons/groups with a cognitive impairment.


The cloakroom and lockers are just to the left of the entrance.

Wheelchair available for loan

There is a wheelchair available for loan. Please contact visitor services if you would like to use it. You can also reserve the wheelchair in advance.

Museum restaurant

The museum restaurant is on the left behind the museum entrance. It is also accessible via a sliding door from the museum foyer. Access is also possible via the wheelchair ramp on the terrace. The whole museum restaurant is at ground level and obstacle free.

Museum restaurant


All the exhibition rooms have chairs, armchairs or square wooden benches.


There is a designated wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor just by the museum restaurant entrance.