Admission charges for groups

Groups including a conducted tour (60 minutes)
"Switzerland - a country of sound pioneers"
up to 30 persons 180.--        
Evening tours, up to 30 persons 270.--
Groups including "Switzerland - a country of sound pioneers" and KlangKunst-Saal with "the Britannic Organ" (conducted tour, 80 minutes) & special exhibition
up to 30 persons 220.--
Evening tours, up to 30 persons 300.--   
Hire of the foyer
Hire of foyer
Special rates for weddings and the use of the reception area.

Abovementioned group rates apply to special guided group tours without any reduction.
The admission charges are zero-rated.

Further information

Opening hours

Tu - Su 11 am to 6 pm

Guided tours

Permanent exhibition

Tu - Su 12.20 pm, 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm

Britannic Organ

Tu - Su 1.40 pm and 3.40 pm


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