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The Seewen Museum of Music Automatons houses one of the world's largest and best-known collections of Swiss cylinder and disc music boxes, clocks and jewellery containing musical mechanisms and other mechanical music automatons from the past two centuries.

A guided one-hour tour will introduce you to a multitude of fascinating music automatons, which combine precision mechanics with melodies from yesteryear. They all play live for their audience. Families and schools can combine this tour with the popular interactive "Zauberklang" (magical sound) tour.

Come face-to-face with the mighty Britannic organ from the sister ship of the RMS Titanic and discover the story behind it on a twenty-minute guided tour.

Round off your visit to the melodic museum by paying a visit to the museum shop and restaurant.

Special exhibition: Melodic Gold

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Melodic Gold

Glorious masterpieces from the collection of the Museum of Music Automatons

Special exhibition from 1 June 2018 to 31 January 2019

Zum 40-Jahr-Jubiläum des Museums

Magier Detail

Zum 40-Jahr-Jubiläum des Museums

Jubiläumsausstellung Automatenmusik 4.0 - 40 Jahre, 4 Themen, eine Ausstellung und Zukunftsmusik
Sonderausstellung vom 26. März 2019 bis 1. März 2020

20. Januar 2019 – GMS-Literaturmatinee

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20. Januar 2019 – GMS-Literaturmatinee

Johanna M. Rieke liest aus einem ihrer Sherlock-Holmes-Romane, musikalisch begleitet von Peter Rohrer



Special tours or workshops for school classes, new FREE ADMISSION for schools (max. 25 pupils per group) and two teachers including tour − registration required


Restaurant "Museum of Music Automatons"

The Restaurant "Museum of Music Automatons", the museum's public restaurant, offers fine views, good food and drink for everything from lunch to an afternoon snack or drinks reception - or even a feudal-style banquet.

It is also open during concerts and other events at the museum and has space for gatherings large and small.

Kinder-Musikdose Maus und Käse


The shop at the Museum of Music Automatons sells a wide range of music boxes, singing bird boxes, singing bird cages, musical pocket watches, jewellery boxes, paperweights and many other musical souvenirs. At Christmas time, musical baubles and bells are especially popular. The shop also sells catalogues, picture postcards, videos and storage media, as well as literature on the subject of mechanical music. A small selection is shown on this page.