Hiking routes

Hiking in the "Schwarzbubenland" is an experience for young and old alike!

The Museum of Music Automatons lies in the midst of magnificent Jura countryside that is ideal for walks and excursions. Why not combine your next hiking trip with a visit to the musical museum? Plan your route from Dornach, Gempen, Hochwald or Büren to Seewen and the Museum of Music Automatons, and then continue on to Grellingen or return to your starting point. Dornach, Gempen, Büren, Hochwald and Grellingen are easily accessible by rail and bus from Basel or Liestal.

A brochure by Franz Baumann details 21 suggestions for walks in the vicinity of the Museum for Music Automatons. It is available from the museum.

Here you will find a few hiking route suggestions taken from the brochure.


3 - Around the former Lake Seewen (PDF, 3 MB, 03.04.2012)Museum – Dorf – Seetalhöhe – (Spalen) – Museum

4 - A village stroll to the ‘Baslerweiher’ (PDF, 4 MB, 03.04.2012)Museum – Kirche – Dorf – Baslerweiher – Museum

6 - From Seewen to Büren (PDF, 4 MB, 03.04.2012)Museum – Chöpfli – Büren / Museum – Bürenflue – Büren


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